Audio Editing, Tape Transfer and Digistisation

Transfer vinyl records to cdAudio

We can record and edit any audio material and transfer vinyl, tapes or cassettes to CD with enhancement and sound ‘cleanup’ and editing if necessary.

Transfer Vinyl to CD

Typical price for transferring a vinyl LP to CD complete with inlay card with track listing and CD label is around £15. This may sound a lot, but it does take quite a while to transfer an album to computer, whilst monitoring it for skips and to chop up the audio file into separate tracks. If you have 78’s, 45’s or 12″ singles, please contact us for a quote. Price is dependent on the number of records.

Odd scratches can be removed fairly easily, but it is not really possible to effectively remove constant crackle caused by dust or static without reduction in quality. Please be aware of this if you wish us to transfer vinyl recordings and ensure all records are as clean as possible before we receive them.

Transfer tape to CDTransfer Tape to CD

We can transfer material from reel-to-reel tapes, cassettes or Dictaphone tapes to CD. Basic cost for each tape is generally £15 unless the tape is very short.
Cassettes, old reel-to-reel and Dictaphone tapes usually have a fair degree of noise present and benefit greatly from cleanup and enhancement and we would strongly recommend this where sound quality is an issue. Cleanup for tapes is usually £10 each. Cleanup is recommended in almost all cases.If the tape is very noisy, we cannot remove all the noise, but we can reduce it to make speech etc. more audible.

We can deal with tapes that have been recorded on ‘long play’ that play back too fast on ordinary tape machines.

If your tape contains ‘sensitive’ material, this is not a problem. Our discretion is assured and the contents of the tape will not be revealed to anyone else. In the past we have dealt with material for divorce cases, industrial tribunals and other legal matters.

The above prices are subject to discounts for 2 or more albums or tapes.


We can also provide sound recording services for business for use in presentations, web sites and telephone systems as well any any sound effects you can imagine.

In addition, we can transfer VHS, camcorder video tapes and 8mm cine films to DVD.


Not happy with your home recordings? Recorded in a professional studio and disappointed with the results? Got some old tapes of your band?

We can remaster any stereo recording to give it a more professional polish. If your recordings are muddy, lack bass or power or are a bit unbalanced, we can use our 20 years of experience to improve your recordings beyond what you thought possible.

Remixing and Music Production

Almost without exception, when people record in a professional studio, there is never enough time spent mixing to get the best result. This often means mixes that sound weak, dull or overcompressed.

If you ask, most studios will supply you with the original multitrack sound files from your session. We can take these and actually take the time and care to produce new mixes that will far surpass the rushed studio mixes to give you that polished, powerful professional sound.

Mobile Recording

We have professional quality recording software and equipment and can go anywhere to record. We have works with rock bands, solo singers/musicians and brass bands amongst others.

Here’s a track we recorded on location in a church hall with Parr Band.

Music Editing for Dances and Weddings

We can mix and edit music tracks for dance pieces, theatre shows etc. Very popular at the moment are wedding dances that start with a slow, romantic track then go into something more funky.