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Oral History Projects & Reminiscence Projects

We can provide a complete service for your oral history or reminiscence recording project. We have worked on several projects, including two on local cinemas, a project on village football and reminiscences of people who were at school during WWII.

We can cover all aspects of the project from advice on funding, setting up the project, technical advice on what equipment you will need and recording/ interviewing techniques including production of interviewers' packs and running training sessions.



Pavilion Cinema 1950s
Eclceston FC Cup Final We can produce any publicity material you may need to recruit interviewers and interviewees, reproduce and restore any archive material (EG photos and printed material) for use in displays or exhibitions related to the project, digitally photograph any relevant people, items or buildings as required as well as producing ID badges for interviewers.

Of course, we can take your raw recordings and edit them to a high standard, taking the source material to create a well laid-out set of sound clips which puts across the information to listeners with a combination of factual information and interesting anecdotes which is both informative and interesting to listen to.

We can also create written transcriptions of interviews,


We can reproduce CD's and/or cassettes from the final edits with full-colour printed labels and booklets from 4 pages upwards which can contain notes on the background to your project as well as photographs and historical information.

If you wish to publish the results of your project in book form or as a web site, we can also help you with this.

We are willing to get involved at any stage of your project, even providing advice at the early planning stage, before you have applied for funding.

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