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Recording Your Family History

Almost every family has a fascinating history, even if it's just seemingly mundane memories of how things used to be or how things have changed.

Many miss out the opportunity to record these memories for posterity simply because they do not have the necessary equipment or technical know-how.

We can now offer a solution.



Reel to Reel Tape

We can visit you or your family members in their home or any location of your choice to record their memories and reminiscences to a high standard in either sound or video. This can be any number of people, but small numbers are best for clarity. Interviews can be conducted by other family members or ourselves. Either with a list of standard questions or those supplied by you.


We have high quality sound recording and video equipment. Finished recordings can be edited and supplied on CD, DVD or VHS video tape in any quantity so everyone can have a copy.

Home Audio Photography About